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Cheap Hood Ornaments Are Bound To Make An Impact On Your Car

There is nothing better than a great car – the power, the speed, the sleek, polished shine. All of that is seductive, perfect, and it can be customized. There are so many accessories for cars, in fact, that many times people overlook exterior accessories like hood mascots. But cheap hood ornaments can make a huge difference on your car, and they won’t break the bank

Make an Impact with Cheap Hood Ornaments

Hood ornaments are generally attached to the very front of the hood of a car, and are one of the first things people see. Most automotive hood ornaments are made out of zinc, bronze or brass material. In addition, the hood gems are coated in chrome or in anodized gold color. They come in a range of different styles, from antique to modern replicas, and are often attached to the hood cap by drilling or securely attached to the bonnet with factory approved adhesive tape.

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Hood gems can take many different forms, but some of the most common are flying ladies or nude women who will strike a pose on the bonnet of your car. These forms are particularly stylish, classic, and make a big impact on different types of cars. The Golden Goddess hood ornament, for instance, is a gold plated mascot featuring a 1941 Cadillac style goddess. The goddess in leaning forward with her arms stretched out behind her and her hair flowing in the wind. It’s a gorgeous, eye-catching ornament that will give cars a little extra flair.

There are similar hood ornaments in chrome and gem styles that have different colors. If those aren’t your style, however, there are also animal hood ornaments to make cars appear more rustic or fierce, and hunting and fishing ornaments that will show off your hobbies while making your hood more interesting to look at.

These types of mascots, including both chrome and gold-plated ornaments, or even a combination of chrome and gold gems are designed to be high quality and affordable, so they will fit into just about any budget. Most ornaments are between fifty and a hundred dollars, and will last for years. On the other hand, if you’re not willing to stretch your budget, there are the more affordable free-standing mascots or the Bentley inspired eagle stand mark to consider

With such affordable prices and stylish, eye-catching forms, cheap hood ornaments are one of the easiest ways to make an impact on your car, and increase its visual appeal.

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