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Welcome to Showtrix Clinic - the how to install basic interior and exterior Accessories, internet links on how to install and some useful information on how to install.
We have attempted to compile all "how to" information from the internet to help in basic installs and helpfull hints
Please check back often as we are constantly adding and editing this page.

 Fender Trim Installation 

How to Install Fender Trims
Lincoln Town Car/ Mercury Grand Marquis/Ford Crown Victoria

If you drive the following vehicles, we offer installation instructions on how to install fender trim moldings for the following vehicles without fender lip on the wheel well
  • 2003-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
  • 2002-2011 Lincoln Town Car
  • 2003-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis

 Pillar Post Trims 

How to Install the Pillar Post
  • Remove all Pillar Post from Shipping package and inspect individually for damage or bend. Next, test fit each individual piece to make they fit
  • Clean the B Pillar Post section of airborne dust or other elements. Make sure the vehicle and trim temperature is above 65 degrees (avoid temperatures below 65 degrees). Clean work area with 3M adhesive cleaner or equivalent, or rubbing alcohol
  • Ready to Peel and Stick on: Remove the entire red liner just before installing. Protect exposed tape from dust or other debris
  • Hold the Pillar Post piece at a 90 degree angle to the vehicle, and touch the very top edge to the vehicle, observing your placement and alignment guides. If you need to adjust placement, simply raise the piece past 90 degrees and lift off
  • Once you get the placement right press down across the top of the piece to tack it in place. Complete installation by pressing down across the Pillar Post piece, moving from top to bottom. (Caution: Once the tape adheres to your vehicle , the trim cannot be removed without causing wrinkles)
  • Next, apply pressure over entire surface including edges with a clean soft cloth to ensure that the tape completely adheres to the vehicle. Check your edges and re-apply pressure when necessary
  • Lastly, remove white protective covering.
* You may use any non abrasive steel cleaner to keep your trim shining bright!
Installing B Pillar Post Trims
Start by cleaning the existing pillar post areas extensively with rubbing compound or rubbing alcohol, test fit to make sure the trim fits*, peel off the backing from the pre-applied 3M double sided tape, press towards the body of vehicle, and you're done! Your Chrome Plated Pillar Post Trims trims are specific-cut to fit your Chrysler 300 and 300C exactly - No cutting, drilling or additional tools required

*Most Pillar Post Trims are pre labeled - Test fit all parts before installation

How To Remove A Pillar Post Trim

Option 1
If you plan to remove the Door Pillar Post, my suggestion is to first use a strong Fish Line to slide between the installed Pillars and your door pillars. Start sliding from the top, using both hands from left to right and then moving downwards like using a hand saw. Once you finish removing the Stainless Pillars, simply dab some Goof Off Adhesive Remover onto the adhesive residue. Let it sit for approximately 5 minutes, then use a spat to remove adhesive residue. Repeat 2-3 times until desired result. Clean surface with Rubbing Alcohol and then Wash your car

Option 2
Try heating the Pillar Post with a Heat Gun** or Blow Dryer to loosen the adhesive, side a Fish line in between the Stainless Pillar and the Pillar Post of vehicle. Once removed, dap Goof Off with a cloth to the adhesive residue, let it stand for a couple of minutes, then remove with a spatula or paper towel. Repeat a couple of times until the adhesive is totally removed

Option 3 - No heat required
Try using a dental floss. Start by carefully sliding it back and forth, until the emblem comes off.
Again, dab some adhesive remover, clean, wax and then shine

Good Luck!

Tools Required: Latex Glove, Fish Line*, Windex, Rubbing Alcohol, Goof Off*, Spatula, Eye Protector

* Available at Walmart or your favorite Handy Store
** Use Heat Gun with caution. Do not overheat, Just hot enough to loosen the adhesive

Natural Ways to Remove Car Interior Stains
The car’s interior is very susceptible to stains. While there are an abundance of products designated for cleaning the interior of your car, some of your best stain removal options are actually the natural ones.....Read
Improving the Looks of an SUV

Every serious car enthusiast knows that the performance of a vehicle is always more important than the way it looks. But it also cannot be denied that a good-looking vehicle receives more attention than a normal looking one. The need to make a vehicle look better is known to aftermarket product manufacturers which is the reason why there are a lot of components out in the market designed to give vehicles a better look and feel.

For sports utility vehicle, the need to make it look better is more felt compared to smaller passenger cars. This is because of the multitude of SUVs on the road today. The need to make a vehicle look different from other SUVs on the road has increased through the years. Fortunately, there are several things SUV owners can do to improve the way their rides look.

One way to really change the way your SUV look is to use body kits. There are body kits for the side, front, and rear of any vehicle and all of them are geared towards making the vehicle look cooler. Also, it helps that some body kits are designed to reduce drag thus making the vehicle more aerodynamic. Most body kits are made out of high quality plastic or fiberglass while those made for the front end of the vehicle are made of metal.

Apart from aerodynamics and looks, some body kits can also improve the performance of the engine. This is because some front end kits come with space to allow for a supercharger installation. If you will add said component, you can add about 15 horsepower to your vehicle's engine output.

The wheels and tires are easy to jazz up too. Installing a new wheel is easier than installing a new body kit but the effect can be great. You do not need to modify anything in your vehicle to install a new wheel which makes it the easiest way to make your SUV look cooler.

There are different choices when it comes to wheels and tires. While chrome wheels are popular in recent times, these are by no means the only choice. When in the market for a new wheel or tire, make sure that you buy one in a color that will match the paint job on your vehicle. Also, it would make it easier for you if you pick the same size as your stock tire. With more and more vehicles equipped with onboard computers, it is sometimes not wise to replace a wheel or a tire with a different-sized one.

Some people would also like to make their SUVs look more rugged. For this aftermarket parts like brush guards are recommended. Also, if you are looking to use your SUV on an off-road trip frequently, a skid plate would be recommended too. A skid plate would protect your engine bay from any damage that it could sustain from any outcropping in an off-road environment.

While it is good to invest on parts that will make your vehicle look cooler, you should not forget about the performance of your vehicle. After all, the performance of your vehicle is still more important than the way it looks.

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