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Finding Cheap Flying Goddess Hood Ornaments for Sale

By Jojo Brando

Are you looking for a way to add a little pizzazz to your car?  Maybe you’d like to add a little something to your Cadillac, Buick or Chevrolet. Well, there is no need to look any further, because you can find cheap hood ornaments for sale. These car mascots are just the right touch you need to show off your vehicle when driving up the boulevard. What is a car mascot, where do they come from, and what is available? Continue to read on to get the answers to these questions, and then you won’t be able to resist going on to get your own hood ornament.

What exactly is a hood ornament, or a car mascot? The earlier automobiles were made with the radiators on the exterior of the car with the radiator cap right on top of the grille. Hood ornaments were made and placed on the gauges to improve the appearance of the car. Once it hit the 1950’s, hood adornments were no longer “in”.  In today’s world, your car is a symbol of who and how you are. If you like a little excitement, a little zing, then why not get a hood ornament?

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The flying Goddess hood ornament is probably one of the most well known car mascots or hood ornaments. Rolls-Royce motor cars have been showing off this design by Charles Robinson Sykes since 1911. The story of this hood gem is quite unique, about a young woman who was exceedingly beautiful, smart, and full of spirit, but not to be married to the man that she loved. The flying goddess, or also known as “the spirit of ecstasy” is a beautiful and classic addition that you can make to your vehicle.

Finding cheap flying goddess hood ornaments for sale doesn’t have to be a hard thing. In fact it isn’t. The elegant silver goddess can be a new addition to your car, as soon as you want it too. The flying goddess along with other options of car mascots happens to be available online or offline from many different vendors.

The flying Goddess hood ornament can be bought as low as $54.95, and in all different assortments. Of course you can get the chrome version, which is the silver lady that was seen on most Rolls-Royce cars back in the day. On the other hand, you can add a little zest to your life by getting the goddess with blue, amber, green, purple, or red wings.  These cheap hood gems are for sale, and you can find most of them at great prices.

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