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Custom Hood Ornaments

Looking for a custom hood ornament or a simple aftermarket trim to enhance or beautify the front hood of your ride, consider the search over. We offer a large selection of custom aftermarket hood ornament, custom OE logo hood emblem, figurines, custom automotive mascot, custom hood mark.

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Whether you drive a car, truck, big rig or simply want to adorn a custom ornament on the front hood of your motor cycle or golf cart, we have the custom hood ornament for sale. When it comes to enhancing the front end of your car, truck, big rig or re-creational vehicle, the choice is absolutely yours. Improving or enhancing the front-end of your ride is not hard nor does it has to be expensive. All you need to improve the exterior appearance of your ride is to shop and buy the best aftermarket custom hood ornament and custom hood mascot.

Shop at our hood ornament store for a large collection of beautiful custom automotive hood ornament including custom OE logo, lady figurines, animals or birds, we have it all. Additionally, if you are trying to color match the color scheme of your custom project, we have it also; most of our hood mascots are availabe in chrome or gold color.

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Shop from the comfort of your home or office for the latest and hood mark and figurines. In addition, most of our custom hood mascots are durable and sure to add color and beauty to the hood of your vehicle. At Showtrix custom hood ornament store, there is a lot to like at a likeable price you can afford. Choose the right hood ornament, hood mascot or custom hood mark for your ride.

Custom hood ornament displayed on the hood of a vehicle

 Hood Ornaments FAQ 

  • What are the materials used in making hood ornaments?
    Hood ornaments are usually cast in brass, zinc, or bronze and finished in a chrome plated finish. During the years when chrome plate was unavailable, they were plated in either silver or nickel. Some also incorporated other materials, such as plastic, bakelite, or colored glass, while others incorporated a light bulb for illumination at night

    Source: Wikipedia -

Cheap Hood Ornaments Are Bound To Make An Impact On Your Car

Cheap hood ornaments are one of the easiest ways to make an impact on your car, and increase its visual appeal.....Continue

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