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Chrome Naked Figurines Hood Ornament

Looking for a different kind of hood ornament to adorn on the hood of your vehicle? Offering a large selection of chrome plated nude figurines hood ornaments including art forms in chrome naked lady, chrome naked woman, naked lady and sexy nude lady. These custom sculptured hood ornaments are custom made and non functional. They are dedesigned to decorate the hood of your vehicle. Whether you own a car, pickup truck or recreational vehicle, these trims will fit on your hood without difficulties.

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Looking for a unique way to dress up the front hood of your ride? Buy Hood Ornaments - Chrome Sitting Nude Lady Hood Ornament, Chrome Plated Grand General Naked Lady Hood Ornament, Chrome Naked Lady Hood Ornament, Sitting Naked Lady - Sexy Hood Bitch

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Dress up the front hood of your car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle with chrome sitting nude lady hood ornament by Grand General. Made of sturdy metal material and triple chrome plated. Installation requires minor 2-stud drilling on the hood


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